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                Into Runtu

                About us

                Zhejiang Runtu Co., Ltd. founded in 1986, which is a big-scale stock enterprise engaging in producing and selling disperse dyes, reactive dyes, direct dyes, blend dyes, cationic dyes, vat dyes and chemical intermediate, textile auxiliaries, sodium hydrosulfite, sulfuric acid and chlorinate alkali. It is key hi-tech enterprise of China, vice president unit of China Dyestuffs Industrial Association, national top-500 private enterprise, top 100 enterprise of Zhejiang province and AAA taxpayer of Zhejiang province.

                Runtu covers an area of more than1, 800,000sqm, with staff of more than 3,500. It has internationally advanced sealed and automatic dyestuff production line, which has annual production capacity of more than 150,000 tons, including 100,000 tons of disperse dyestuff and 30,000 tons of reactive dyestuff. As one of the global big-scale dyestuff production base, Runtu has passed ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 and acceptance check of clean production unit of Zhejiang province.

                The trademarks of products are "RUNTU","LONGYU" and "DRAGONPERS". "RUNTU" and "RUIHUAZOL" have been identified as "China's Famous Trademark" by State Administration of Industry and Commerce. "JIACHEN" and other four brands are the well-known brand of Zhejiang province. Disperse dye and reactive dyes of "RUNTU" are the famous-brand products of Zhejiang province. "RUNTU" and "RUIHUAZOL" are Zhejiang famous firms identified as Zhejiang export famous brands.

                In 2006, Runtu was identified as key hi-tech enterprise of China.

                Runtu ranks the 13th on top 500 China's Big Group Competitiveness announced by National Bureau of Statistics and ranks the 1st on top 10 enterprise of independent innovation ability industry of national big-medium-scale industrial enterprise decided by National Bureau of Statistics.

                Runtu announced its public listing on July 6 of 2010 in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. (Security code is 002440). Gaining the access to the capital market is a milestone for Runtu to enter capital market; it is a new beginning for Runtu to face encourages, challenges and opportunities.

                Zhejiang Runtu Co., Ltd. has taken acquisition of Jiangsu Mingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. in 2011,this action has help Runtu extending its chain of strategic industries; the acquisition of Germany Yorkshire Group has laid a solid foundation for Runtu to implement its "going out" strategy.

                The year 2012 is a great year for the investment and development of Runtu. We will invest more than CNY 1.5 billion in the construction of Runtu New Material Project and Runtu Thermal Power Project in the near future. Runtu now is working hard to expand business, and striving for getting steady and fast development continuously. Runtu aims to be a responsible Group both for enterprise and society, and strives to make Runtu a company with "a century history", and a flag of Chinese brands. All Runtu people are working hard to make their-own contributions to the development of Chinese industry!

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